Hello, Friend!


So glad you stopped by.

I’m an event consultant, digital nomad and idea hamster based in New York with projects that take me as far as Jamaica, California, Utah, and Florida (my home state).

I’m a tea drinker and collector of good experiences.

In the short time that I’ve been in this great city, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a pretty historic event, volunteer for a truly meaningful one, and participate in a few film festivals here or there.

To quote Kanye West, “I’m a creative genius” (insert mischievious smile here). Over the years, I’ve proved to be an unconventional leader. Friends and colleagues say I'm a team-player and a quick study.

Between long sips of Moroccan Mint tea and short walks in the park, I like to dabble in:

  • Event Production
  • Sponsorship Procurement + Activation
  • Public Relations
  • Standardizing + Employee Training
  • Ideation

Even though it seems like I’ve been doing all the talking, I feel like together we have really good energy. So…

Can we keep in touch?