Kelli Blake is a dynamic design professional, with over 13 years' event services experience working in luxury environments in the arts and entertainment industries.


Kelli has an uncanny ability to tap into trends and align brands with their best next project, event, partnership opportunity or marketing strategy. She improves productivity and builds the capacity of organizations through effective action and creative leadership.

A self-professed “Jane of all trades and master of some,” Kelli thrives in creative and socially aware institutions where her strong sense of community, background in logistics, program development skills, and innovative approach adds value and purpose to company operations.  Kelli lives for new experiences and, like a chameleon, adapts to any audience with great dexterity and ease. She is known for her ability to inspire and motivate, as well as, balance business and creative perspectives with a keen sense of taste. Other strengths include entrepreneurial spirit, discretion, curiosity, decisiveness, activism and altruism.

Adventure is the cornerstone of her personal philosophy. She is a passionate world traveler, “foodie” and fine living enthusiast, who often can be heard singing loudly and a bit off-key to one of her favorite songs. In between projects, she enjoys cooking, traveling, music, film, and other visual arts. To date this global citizen has traveled to more than half of the seven continents, visiting over 13 countries and numerous cities throughout the United States and has enjoyed hundreds of live performances too vast to name. A true sybarite and bon vivant, she loves pastimes that indulge the senses and inspire creativity.

To connect with Kelli Blake, please tweet her @hellokellib.