explore your world: the one thing every creative must be willing to do

Photo by Kelli Blake

Exploration is in my blood.

I was 5 weeks old the first time I flew on an airplane. I don't remember that first flight, but I do remember that as a family we were always going somewhere. Whether it was a new restaurant, community theatre, inexpensive roadtrip, or travel to another country; we were constantly meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, and learning new things. And if we couldn't get there, we read about it.

My parents set the tone very early. I'm thankful for the foundation of being open to newness and this gift exploration. It is the cornerstone of my creativity.

The act of exploring is dynamic. It isn't limited to booking a trip to an exotic country you've never visited before. Be creative in the way that you approach it. We've all been challenged at one time or another to go out and experience something new, but I'm challenging you to go out an experience something old in a new way.